Al about the Easy/Budget friendly seating chart…

Seating Chart

When it comes time for the seating chart, most of your budget will already be assigned. Since this is one of the last steps in the wedding planning process, you might be tired, crazy, stressed out, and over it!

I wanted something that was organized, pretty, but easy!!

And most of all…. cheap!

I ordered at template from Etsy. Here!

You add you list of names and tables.

Then, print it out at Costco (or kinkos.)

They let you choose what size board you want and how thick or sturdy.

Put some flowers on the top…

And BOOM! Easy, breezy, seating chart you can do in a day!

Tip: A seating chart should be done 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Make sure to allow time for printing, shipping, etc.

That’s al about the seating chart!

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