AL about “Must Do’s” Before “I Do’s”!


When it comes to wedding day, one thing is for sure… it will be chaos. It is important to stay as organized as possible so you don’t find yourself stressing out over things that can be avoided. I have created a planning list of MUST DO wedding day items and coordinating tips that you might forget to remember! 

When it came to my wedding, I had a wedding day coordinator through my venue which was a tremendous help! They were the best and made sure everything went smooth.

If you DO have a wedding coordinator, they should be prepared with these helpful tips. But it is always helpful to go over go over these things together before your wedding day. Not all wedding planners are as savy as Jennifer Lopez. (Favorite movie!)

If you DON’T have a wedding coordinator.. don’t stress. Just make sure to have a plan in place and people who are willing to help you on wedding day.

Here are my “Must Do’s” before “I Do’s”:

  • Wedding Set Up: Assign a friend or family member to be in charge of setting up décor, tables, sign in are, etc. I recommend taking pictures of how you want things to be set up, that way they have a clear vision of what you want.
  • Vendor Contact List: including phone numbers, emails, and times they are supposed to arrive at the venue. Give this list to somebody who will be at the venue helping with set up. That way if they have questions they aren’t bothering you to find answers.
  • Wedding Day Timeline: Be very detailed. Include times for arrival of vendors, arrival of bridal party, ceremony time, songs to be played at certain moments, reception outline, etc.       *Print it out give it to everybody!!
  • Vows and Speeches: Print them out and give copies to the officiant. Email a copy to yourself in case copies can’t be found on wedding day!
  • Marriage License: Assign two witnesses, officiant and a meeting place after ceremony to sign marriage certificate.
  • Rings… don’t forget them. Don’t laugh.. It happens. You won’t be wearing your wedding bands going into wedding day so it easy for them to get lost in the shuffle. Keep them in a ring box and give them to the best man or somebody responsible to hold until ceremony time.
  • Family Items: Assign somebody to be in charge of important family items. I had my grandmothers wedding gloves I wanted incorporated in my ceremony. After the ceremony my coordinator took them and put them in a box to be packed up so they wouldn’t be lost. You don’t want special items going missing on wedding day!
  • Wedding Gifts: Assign somebody to be in charge of putting cards, presents, guest book away after cocktail hour. That way no gifts go missing.. and it’s one less thing to clean up after the wedding.
  • If you are having a Dollar Dance, don’t forget to bring a bag! I got a satin white bag on Amazon. Then assign somebody to put the bag away right after the dance.
  • Photo List: Create a list of family photos you want taken by your photographer… you don’t want any family members to be forgotten. **Make sure to have DJ announce who will need to stick around after ceremony for pictures.
  • Bouquet: Order a toss bouquet from your florist. That way you won’t have to toss your pretty bouquet.
  • Garter: Don’t forget to wear your garter, or put it on before the garter toss.
  • Tips: Create tip envelopes for vendors before wedding day. I kept them in my Husbands suit jacket and handed them out at the end of the night. 
  • Clean Up: Assign a group to stick around and help with clean up. Create a list of all the items you need to take from venue.                                                                          ***Do a mental run through of your wedding day and think of anything you might need help with. Assign all these tasks to whoever is willing to help. You’ll be surprised about all the people willing to help when you need them!

Stay organized and have fun!

That’s AL about Must Do’s Before I Do’s!