AL about the Veil


Today we’re talkin’ AL about Wedding Veils.

There is something so traditional and pretty about a wedding veil. I know that Veils are not for everybody, and that’s great too! But for me it gave my Bridal look that little extra “something” I was hoping for.

With that being said… there are so many types of Veils it will make your head spin!

I chose a cathedral veil, with one tier! This was a little longer than the train of my dress and made the dress seem a little more dramatic.

Veils can be SO expensive! In my case some veils were costing more than my dress.. yikes! Since I am a “budgety” bride who just wanted a simple veil I searched reviews online to find a cheap but quality veil. I ordered it online here for $16! What a steal! This veil turned out to be great.. the tule was very soft and simple. BE careful when ordering online from discount sites, because not all items are hidden gems. But this veil has my stamp of approvAL!


  • Make sure your veil comes with a clip so it can easily attach in your hair. (Many veils online just come loose with no clip.)
  • You can get the veil hemmed to match up perfectly with your dress OR in my case if your a very short bride! I got my veil hemmed for 10$ that way it matched the dress and I didn’t trip while coming down the aisle 🙂
  • If you have a dress with a lot going on, less is more in terms of a veil.
  • On the flip side, grabbing a fancy veil can help add some pop to a simple dress!

That’s Al about Veils!