AL about the Wedding Budget


The average cost for a wedding in the U.S. in 2019 is 38,700, according to Wedding Wire… YIKES!

I mean, I get it.. everybody wants a beautiful wedding but there are ways to have a dream wedding and stay on budget.

So… let’s cut costs?

Here are 3 simple tips to help you save over $1,000!

1. Skip the Champagne Toast!

For a wedding of 150 people you would need to get 36 bottles of Champagne. Depending on the price of the champagne you chose, it will be at least $200!

On top of that.. depending on your venue, they could charge corking fees, pouring fees or flute rentals!

Most people prefer to drink their own cocktails anyways, that way they don’t mix alcohol.

Savings: 200$

2. Skip the Wedding Cake!

The average wedding cake cost is $500.

I’m not joking. If you say the word “wedding” to a bakery the price automatically triples.

My advice is to do a small cutting cake for photos and skip the big traditional cake…Because who really eats it anyways? Most people get so busy dancing (…and drinking) that they forget to eat the cake!

*Extra tip…tell the bakery your getting an anniversary cake, then they won’t upcharge you 😉

Have some form of treats other than the cake, such as a candy bar, s’mores, or cake pops! Have fun with it and get something that iou and your fiancé both really love! We had a donut truck.. and it was still cheaper than cake! Trust me, your guests will be happy to skip this tradition.

Savings: $500

3. Wedding Favors

Depending on what kind you get, the average price is $2 per favor. So again, for a wedding of 150 guests, you would be looking at $300 minimum!

SO, you could skip them all together. OR, you can wrap up cookies, candies or a fun dessert as a take home gift! THEN you will kill two birds with one stone, dessert and a wedding favor!

Savings: $200

Total Wedding Savings: $1,000

That’s AL about saving your wedding budget!

AL about the Veil


Today we’re talkin’ AL about Wedding Veils.

There is something so traditional and pretty about a wedding veil. I know that Veils are not for everybody, and that’s great too! But for me it gave my Bridal look that little extra “something” I was hoping for.

With that being said… there are so many types of Veils it will make your head spin!

I chose a cathedral veil, with one tier! This was a little longer than the train of my dress and made the dress seem a little more dramatic.

Veils can be SO expensive! In my case some veils were costing more than my dress.. yikes! Since I am a “budgety” bride who just wanted a simple veil I searched reviews online to find a cheap but quality veil. I ordered it online here for $16! What a steal! This veil turned out to be great.. the tule was very soft and simple. BE careful when ordering online from discount sites, because not all items are hidden gems. But this veil has my stamp of approvAL!


  • Make sure your veil comes with a clip so it can easily attach in your hair. (Many veils online just come loose with no clip.)
  • You can get the veil hemmed to match up perfectly with your dress OR in my case if your a very short bride! I got my veil hemmed for 10$ that way it matched the dress and I didn’t trip while coming down the aisle 🙂
  • If you have a dress with a lot going on, less is more in terms of a veil.
  • On the flip side, grabbing a fancy veil can help add some pop to a simple dress!

That’s Al about Veils!